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This Division is made up of two primary sections. The Cleveland City Jail receives, books, processes and houses individuals arrested by the Division of Police. House of Correction is responsible for long-term housing of those found guilty of misdemeanor offenses and sentenced by Cleveland Municipal Court.

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Visitor Selection cards have been distributed to all inmates. Each inmate will have the opportunity to designate up to 3 adults from whom they wish to receive personal visits. Each visitor will be required to complete an application and will be subject to a criminal records check as well as an identification check. Applicants may have to provide additional documentation as requested. We hope that this change reduces the amount of time that visitors have to wait to come into the facility.

The repugnant pair dropped the woman off at her Brooklyn home and threatened her not to report the vicious assault. They also took her credit card, which they used at two fast food restaurants, police sources said.

mid-14c., "action of correcting," from Old French correccion (13c.) "correction, amendment; punishment, rebuke," from Latin correctionem (nominative correctio ), noun of action from past participle stem of corrigere (see correct (v.)). Meaning "chastisement" is from late 14c. Meaning "an instance of correction" is from 1520s. House of correction was in a royal statute from 1575.

House Of Correction - You're The One For MeHouse Of Correction - You're The One For MeHouse Of Correction - You're The One For MeHouse Of Correction - You're The One For Me