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Studies have shown that much of the farming done at Machu Picchu was done on the hundreds of man-made terraces there. These terraces were a work of considerable engineering, built to ensure good drainage and soil fertility while also protecting the mountain itself from erosion and landslides. However, the terraces were not perfect, as studies of the land show that there were landslides that happened during the construction of Machu Picchu. It can still be seen where the terraces were shifted by landslides and then stabilized by the Inca as they continued to build around the area. [18]

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HOLIDAY TRAINS RAISE DONATIONS FOR CHARITIES : Canadian Pacific's Holiday train raised more than $-million (C) and 300,000 pounds of food for food banks and shelves on its Nov. 25-Dec. 17 trip on the company's system. Meanwhile, Florida East Coast employees, customers and suppliers raised about $370,000 in donations during the annual run of their Christmas train. [Progressive Railroading website report, 12-27-17]

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According to Inca legend, the city was rebuilt by Sapa Inca Pachacuti , the man who transformed the Kingdom of Cuzco from a sleepy city-state into the vast empire of Tawantinsuyu . [17] : 66–69 Archaeological evidence, however, points to a slower, more organic growth of the city beginning before Pachacuti. The city was constructed according to a definite plan in which two rivers were channeled around the city. Archaeologists have suggested that this city plan was replicated at other sites.