Detroit emeralds - have a good day - SAM GIANCANA PHYLLIS MCGUIRE 1960 LOVE STORY - RETRO KIMMER

The contracts specify that the respective bowl committees receive a certain choice of teams. It should be noted that the selection order lists show below (#1, #2, #3, etc.) indicate only the order in which the respective bowl committees make their selections. The choices are typically not predicated on end-of-season rankings or actually final regular season records/standings. For example, a bowl with the "# 3 pick" from a particular conference does not mean necessarily it has to select the "third place team" from that conference. When it becomes that committee's turn to pick, it may pick any of the remaining teams from that conference (with respect to the aforementioned eligibility rules detailed above).

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Appalachian League (Rookie - Short Season)
Bluefield Blue Jays - Toronto
Bristol Pirates - Pittsburgh
Burlington Royals - Kansas City
Danville Braves - Atlanta
Elizabethton Twins - Minnesota
Greeneville - ? (2017 Houston affiliate)
Johnson City Cardinals - St. Louis
Kingsport Mets - New York (NL)
Princeton Rays - Tampa Bay
Pulaski Yankees - New York (AL)

Go hunting for the blue-green gem at the Royston Mine in Tonopah, NV. The Otteson family, who owns the mine, is one of the few remaining mining families in Nevada. In addition to the mine, they also own a jewelry store that will transform your turquoise into jewelry. Treasure hunters will need to bring sunscreen, gloves, a good pair of shoes, water, food and digging tools. Visitors are not allowed to go down into the mines, but they are allowed to observe. Rock hounds can also pay to go through tailing piles, which have close to 1,000 lbs. of material. Digging is limited to 3 hours and only one bucketful is allowed per person to ensure there is enough turquoise to go around.

But my biggest brush with CKLW was being a contestant in early 1969 in its "Time Machine" contest. The contestant picked any year of the 20th century in advance. Then the station played its account of a news event. If the event happened in the year you guessed, you won $500. Of course, the thought of playing it was a pipe dream, because you'd get a busy signal after dialing the fourth digit; it was practically a reflex action to hang up and try again when the voice on the other line told me I was the correct caller. The year of the event from the last hour was 1917; I made up my mind to guess 1965. The event? The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution -- 1964. Just one year away from $500! As Maxwell Smart would have said, "Missed it by THAT MUCH!" I did get a little 1969 calendar just for playing. The next phone line to be jammed was mine as friends from school -- all of whom listened to CKLW -- tried to call me to tell me that they had heard me.

Over the next several weeks, the Autobots got to learn human culture and customs, doing their best to prevent disasters and save lives. Eventually, Starscream came for the AllSpark, and Optimus found that the schemer could pack quite a punch. The Autobot officer was still able to keep Starscream from getting the artifact, though at the cost of his life. However, he was quickly revived by Sari Sumdac and her AllSpark-influenced key . Later, the Autobots helped rebuild parts of Detroit that were destroyed in their battle with Starscream. Transform and Roll Out Dispatches

It was the emergence of local record labels in Detroit in the 1940s and 50s which helped the blues scene to flourish, compared to the 1920s, when blues artists generally emigrated to Chicago to record their music. Some small labels, including Staff, Holiday, Modern, and Prize Records, only existed for a brief time, while other labels experienced greater success. [11] The most prominent of the Detroit-based labels from this era was Fortune Records , and its subsidiary labels Hi-Q, Strate 8 and Blue Star, which ran from 1948 to 1970. Fortune released hundreds of recordings in many genres, including tracks by Hooker, Kirkland, Jenkins, Dr. Ross and Maceo Merriweather. [12]

Detroit Emeralds - Have A Good DayDetroit Emeralds - Have A Good DayDetroit Emeralds - Have A Good DayDetroit Emeralds - Have A Good Day