Alleged gunmen, the - audio invasion - Jerusalem: Israeli policemen killed in shooting attack.

Um Nidal, who lives in Bab Huta - a neighbourhood in the Muslim quarter - told Al Jazeera that she has been waiting for more than three hours with her child, who is 16 months old.

Nnamdi Obasi, a senior Nigeria researcher at the International Crisis Group, said poverty had made “anybody” a target and had led to a rise in “spontaneous” kidnappings.

This is not funny, this is atenu thinz! When u see a man dropping a presidential candidacy to become a Governorship aspirant, it’s either the person is financially broke or he is naive how important some responsible people view honour, intergrity, and prestige. I can’t waste my time on one someone who’s simply gullible with anything goes! Hisses

A Ruger pistol with 14 cartridges as well as a .45 pistol with a magazine containing three .45 cartridges were also recovered.

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Mr. Duterte, who has been linked to vigilante killings in Davao City, where he served as mayor for 23 years, gave the police the go-signal for a merciless campaign against drugs even before he took office.

Alleged Gunmen, The - Audio InvasionAlleged Gunmen, The - Audio InvasionAlleged Gunmen, The - Audio InvasionAlleged Gunmen, The - Audio Invasion